Think I’ll get my deposit back or nah?

I’ve been a bit absent lately because Harrison and I have been in the process of moving. We clearly don’t care about our own happiness, so  we stretched this out over several weeks, moving things slowly and ending up with a pile of crap to sort through when all was said and done. Between the 20 trips over the last two weeks to haul boxes of our shit, the 4 trips to Goodwill, and the internet company fucking up my move order, I think I’ll just stay here forever. Not. Doing. This. Again. Ever.

When we gave notice that we were moving out, they brought us a move-out checklist and survey. Of course there are questions about any existing maintenance issues and what was enjoyable about living there. Then there’s the question about why we’re moving.   Welp, I generally can’t resist when someone asks for my feedback or opinion, so I’m attaching a list for their consideration. I’m wondering if they’ll look at this and think “Fuck this bitch. Let’s keep her whole deposit,” or “This is very good feedback that we should seriously consider, and she should definitely get a fair portion of her deposit back.”



  1. Ready for a change.
  2. Parking is a nightmare. We will have a parking space included at the new apartment. It got old. I know it’s not your fault.
  3. The Church & Vinyl (These are dirty, dirty nightclubs within a few blocks of the apartment that attract the worst people in Denver. I’ve been woken up at 2:30 in the morning by screaming, drunk idiots, girls wearing next to nothing in 20 degree weather slipping and sliding on the ice while trying to keep their boyfriends from beating the hell out of each other, and tow-trucks towing cars from the parking lot next to by bedroom window. That last one, I was actually pleased to wake up to because I’m a terrible person.)
  4. The vent in the bathroom- It is constantly full of thick dust and dirt. I can clean the front of it, but there’s nothing I can do about the in between. Is there a filter that isn’t being changed enough? I can’t keep up with the dust coming into my apartment. I’m constantly sneezing (so is my cat) when I’m at home. I may not be the tidiest person in the world, but that level of muck seeping into the apartment is concerning.
  5. General lack of building upkeep- The drawers in my kitchen started falling apart because the wood is so old. I’m not rough with my drawers. I open them; I close them. That is the function of a drawer, correct? I would consider replacing them. Things shouldn’t fall apart doing exactly what they’re supposed to. If they do fall apart, they probably should have been replaced YEARS ago. Furthermore, I could have told someone that hammering half-rusted nails into old wood isn’t going to be long-lasting drawer solution. But what do I know?
  6. Plumbing issues- Water is constantly being shut off for plumbing work. Then my sink backed up and overflowed into my drawers and onto my kitchen floor. Water damage on wood is NOT GOOD. While I appreciated the speedy response by maintenance, I don’t want to have to worry about things like that happening regularly and then have to be concerned about mold. I know this also happened in Unit 101. I realize it’s an old building, and I live on the ground floor. However, I’ve lived in buildings of similar age, also on the ground floor, and I never experience issues like this.
  7. Gas Leak- Related to the plumbing issues, I suppose. There was a gas leak in the building that caused hot water to be turned off. We also couldn’t cook in our apartment for a few days. The precise location of the gas leak was right outside our front door..
  8. There’s a laundry thief (or just a general thief) in the building, and that was the last straw. I’ve had several items go missing from the laundry room recently, Jim (this is the old man who has lived in the building for about 30 years, who we love) had a shovel stolen, someone else had a laundry basket stolen, and the artist who lives in the apartment upstairs had paintings stolen. On the topic of laundry, I should mention the machines often leave my clothes sopping wet, so I have to run them in the dryer at least twice. Everything stopped working mid-cycle, which resulted in about $4 down the drain trying to get the machines to work, and a 9pm trip to the laundromat to dry my clothes that had been left in standing water.
  9. I knew I made the right decision to move out when I got the e-mail about showing the apartment. (I received an e-mail on a Friday  that showings would begin on Monday and would take place anytime between 8:30 and 6, and I need to inform them if I will be home during that time.) I may not own the unit, but I’m still paying rent. The way this was presented showed a blatant disregard for that fact. I’m paying a full month’s rent, yet I have to check in with you when I’ll be home between the hours of 8:30 and 6 during the week? Absurd. I get it, you want to rent the unit, and I hope you do. I doubt it will be an issue. The apartment has charm, the area is convenient, utilities are included, etc… I don’t live with my parents anymore, and one of the perks of being a grown-up who pays rent is being able to come and go as I please. In previous residences, property managers have alerted me when someone wanted to see the apartment and even asked permission to show the unit if I was still living there. If you want to have free reign over who you let in and when, maybe I should be getting a break on my rent because what am I paying for at that point? You can consider this as you’re calculating the amount of my deposit I’ll be getting back.

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