Wanna waste about an hour?

Do you guys remember those Myspace iPod shuffle surveys? They are all over the damn internet. STILL! This is totally what I did on Saturday while I was safe in my apartment from the plethora of idiots falling down drunk celebrating a holiday that has is still days away.

I used my Spotify playlist because who has an iPod anymore? I don’t think I’ve added anything to my iTunes library in about 5 years.

Complete with commentary…here’s my sort of grown-up, sort of hipster, mopey folk and weird indie rock Myspace shuffle survey. I think there’s some poppy shit in there, too. Maybe you can get some good music suggestions, and I can feel like something good came out of my wasted Saturday night.

How are you today? 
Movement and Location- Punch Brothers
If this means I’ve been out and about a lot today, that is correct.

How old are you? 
Still Trying- Nathaniel Rateliff
Ah fuck, that’s more accurate than necessary. The hook in this song says “I don’t know a God damn thing, which is basically how I feel all the time.

Do you like candy? 
You’ve Haunted Me All My Life- Death Cab for Cutie
That stupid sweet tooth of mine is a day ruiner. 

What’s your favorite color? 
Landed- Ben Folds
That’s not a color, and it makes no sense. Why am I doing this?

Are you a boy or girl? 
We the Common- Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
I could take this to a really weird feminist place.

What makes you happy? 
Let’s Be Still- The Head and the Heart
This song and sitting around doing nothing make me incredibly happy. This is basically the perfect answer.

What do I smell like? 
Soft Shock- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
This sounds gross.

What do I miss right now? 
Destination- Nickel Creek
I think this means I need to travel.

Am I keeping too many secrets? 
The Hills- The Weeknd
So that’s a yes. Have you heard this song? This is what secrets sound like.

How old am I? 
Chocolate- The 1975
Chocolate’s a good answer for anything. 

How often does my mood change? 
I And Love And You- The Avett Brothers
So a lot? Or Never?

How’s life? 
The Chain- Ingrid Michaelson
That’s a bit grim.

Where are you going? 
Brainy- The National
I’m on a quest for knowledge. Clearly.

Where is my love life at right now? 
Hello- Adele
I don’t even know what to say to that. I’ll just sit here and weep until the next song starts.

What type of weather is my favorite? 
All My Days- Alexi Murdoch

Is my heart broken? 
Help I’m Alive- Metric
I feel like this means that if your heart is beating at all, it may very likely be a little broken. Deep, right?

Am I mean? 
Amsterdan- Gregory Alan Isakov
That’s a very nice song, so I’m not mean.

Do I want a drink right now? 
Tennessee Whiskey- Chris Stapleton
Perfect. Pardon me while I see what I have in the fridge.

What was the last words I said? 
No One- Alicia Keys

Whens the last time you cried? 
Warning- Incubus
This may mean I’m due for a good cry.

What’s my favorite food?
Phenomenon- Dr. Dog
If there was a food called ‘phenomenon,’ I’d probably eat it out of pure curiosity.

Have you ever done drugs? 
Gravity- Sarah Bareilles
This damn song is my drug. LOVE. IT.

Say something scientific. 
Take Back the Night- Justin Timberlake
Not scientific in the slightest.

Are you afraid of bugs? 
Murder in the City- The Avett Brothers
As a person who has experienced Bed Bugs before, this is appropriate.

Whats my most favorite body position?
Love on Top- Beyonce
Spotify is a pervert.

Do I like shoes? 
Bird of Prey- Natalie Prass
I have no idea…

Have you ever been starstruck? 
How to Win- Nathaniel Rateliff
I lose interest in this about every 5 questions.

What are people’s first impressions of me?
Satisfy Me- Anderson East                                                                                                                             I doubt it, but thanks.

Will I get married? 
Howling at Nothing- Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
So that’s a no? 

Do you believe in heaven? 
I Choose You- Sara Bareilles
I don’t know about Heaven, but I believe in this song. God Damnit, I love Sara Bareilles.

Have you ever sung a love song to someone? 
I Blew It Off- Punch Brothers
That’s actually really funny.

Do you like storms? 
West Coast- Coconut Records
Did you guys know Jason Schwartzman is in this band? Makes sense, right?

Whats was the last activity I did? 
Empire State of Mind- Jay Z
I was just looking for vintage postcards of New York and other places we’ve been, so sorta.

Is someone coming for me? 
Lonesome- Dr. Dog
What exactly does ‘coming for me’ mean?

Are you a virgin? 
Fight Song- Rachel Platten
I could take this to a really fucked up place.

Do you like politics?
Mr. November- The National
That’s a strangely political song title.

Do I like happy endings? 
Do I Wanna Know?- Arctic Monkeys
I think this is trying to tell me that I like not knowing anything, which is not at all true.

Am I free? 
Eet- Regina Spektor
That’s not a real word.

Do you believe in superman? 
The Breeze- Dr. Dog
Superman creates a breeze right? Because he flies? I’m not sure what I’m getting at here.

Whens the last time you partied?
Into the Wild- LP
A really long time ago is what that means.

Have you ever bought someone flowers? 
Bow and Arrow- Reuben And The Dark
I think that means I’m secretly Cupid. And that’s obviously a lie.

Do you own a car? 
Basket Case- Sara Barielles
Does this mean I’m crazy for not owning a car?

What do I look like? 
Zero- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Fuck you, Spotify. Rude.

Am I sick? 
The Eye – Brandi Carlile
Sickness of the eye?

What do most people find attractive about me? 
Hysteric- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I feel like I’m being insulted.

What song describes me? 
Nobody Dies- Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

Story of your life? 
Black Sun- Death Cab for Cutie
That’s depressing.

Name a random song. 
Lost Cause- Beck
That’s because this is what I do on Saturday Nights. I’m a lost cause.

Are you bored? 
Numb It- HoneyHoney
Christ, this is depressing.

Will I get far in life? 
Heartbeats- Jose Gonzalez
I do have those.

How do friends see me? 
Cool Kids – Echosmith
Fuck. Yes. That’s what I’m talkin’ about, Spotify!

Whats my parents theme song? 
A Long Time- Mayer Hawthorne
This is a pretty rad song to be a theme song for parents.

Whats my pets theme song? 
Birth In Reverse- St. Vincent                                                                                                               That’s just bizarre.

Whats my funeral song? 
Delicate- Damien Rice
This song gets to me every damn time.

Will I have children? 
Smooth Sailing- Leon Bridges
That better mean no.

Good advice? 
Move Together- James Bay
This song is about banging, so probably ignore this… unless banging is on your agenda this evening.

Am I happy with myself?
Loser- Beck
Spotify giveth; Spotify taketh away. Spotify is an asshole.

Whats my motto? 
Flightless Bird, American Mouth- Iron & Wine

Will I ever find love? 
Do It, Try It- M83
Already did it and tried it. We’re good.

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