I’m planning some changes and some additions around here soon. I’ve been posting here for almost 2 years, and it feels stagnant. Maybe I feel stagnant. That’s probably true. *sigh*

Maybe I’m not interesting enough. I’m not, but neither is anyone else.

The bottom line is that I want this to be better and more interesting for everyone involved. Myself included. I don’t want to bore you or myself.

If I’m being honest, I’m also feeling quite drained lately. It could be my day job. It could be the 45 presidency. I don’t know. I’m doing a lot work on finding balance and learning how I can have energy for all the things I want to make room for in my life. I’ll get there.

So here’s a bit of what I’m planning:

-A name change. “Everyone is Drunk” was funny and there was a weird meaning behind it, but I don’t think it reflects me or the things I post here very well. Sure, I can be funny sometimes, but sometimes I’m not. I’m especially not funny lately. It feels weird to be funny considering everything that’s happening. Also, this is not about drunk people, and I don’t even enjoy drunk people. I’m weighing some options. I’d like to pay homage to my favorite delicious snack- Chips and Salsa. You might see something like “_____ with a side of salsa.” Meditation with a side of salsa? Gibberish and salsa? Musings with a side of salsa?

-How about a Colorado or Denver specific section? I live here. I have always lived here. I love it here, so maybe I should talk about it more. Maybe I could make some recommendations of business to shop at, events to attend, or maybe some things to avoid.

-I’d like to share some of my yoga journey with, and maybe in doing so, remove some of the ideas about what a modern student of yoga looks like or acts like.

I have some bigger ideas to stretch my creativity that are long term. For now, I’ll work on making this a bit more interesting. It may take some time because I’m also in the middle of a WordPress course to learn more about how this shit works.

Stay tuned.

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