Welcome to Corn Chips, Cats, and other C words!

The basics:

Whitney is a human female who is resides in Denver, CO with her partner, Harrison, and their two cats Miles Davis and Billie Holiday.


Whitney is NOT a professional writer. Although, she has written for some mostly unknown online publications that paid literally pennies and don’t exist anymore for a reason. Does that make her semi-professional? She’s not sure.

Whitney is a connoisseur of chips and salsa, a frequent Netflix binger, and craft beer nut. She is a lover of yoga and is frankly starting to buy into that hippy-dippy notion that healing yourself can in turn heal the collective. Kindness is contagious.

Day to day, Whitney is pretty boring. She gets up, she goes to a day job that wouldn’t have been her first choice if we’re being honest. All so she can make the minimum monthly payment on that mountain of student loan debt she and every other millennial have been burdened with. But we make the most of it, right?

P.S. If you like the 45th president, you will hate this blog.

About this blog:

This blog started as an outlet of sorts- a place completely unattached to what I do day to day where I can come and talk about whatever I want. It’s a way to stretch my creativity that has been blocked by the corporate cubicle farm I live in everyday. Just as I am evolving, so is this space. The fact of the matter is that I am not here to appease anyone or entertain anyone. But this blog is a little love note to myself and to life and all of its experiences- as difficult and frustrating as they sometimes are.

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