Not today motherfucker

This weekend. This fucking weekend.

I’m at a loss for words. Actually, I have a lot of words, but I don’t know how to make them into coherent thoughts. All I can say is that sad and ashamed that this is what we have become.

And as the news of the shooting at a mosque in Quebec City is breaking tonight, I’m sorry that the hateful shit we have brewed here is bubbling over into other places.

Thank you to everyone who has gathered around the country to protest. The work isn’t over. This is definitely not over.

I’m ready. I’ll be at the rally to protect our Muslim neighbors in Denver next weekend. Then I’ll be at the Colorado Stands with Planned Parenthood march the weekend after that.

I mean… these people peacefully praying are definitely a danger to America. Puh-lease.
My sentiments exactly.

P.S. I really wanted wanted to be at Denver International Airport last night, but I had to take my perpetually sick cat to the vet yesterday. Now he’s on antibiotics that are not sitting well in his belly. Subsequently, he has really smelly explosive diarrhea. Stinky icing on the already shit cake that been the last 2 days… or maybe the whole week.

P.P.S. Anyone else feel like they should consume as many margaritas as possible while we can still afford them? And also to numb the pain.